Indigenous traffic controllers

for locations in and around Ballarat, Geelong, and Victoria wide

Traffic controllers ensure that the road and around the worksite remain safe and with minimal disruptions to workers, traffic, and pedestrians through various types of traffic management and equipment. This high-risk work that involves busy roads, highways and fast-moving vehicles requires experienced and fully accredited, and trained personnel who are able to efficiently manage the surroundings. You can count on Yambuk Labour Solutions to supply Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander traffic controllers to do the job in the safest way possible.

We understand that our workers on the road are responsible for the safety of road users and the efficient flow of traffic. They do this by providing information and advice to road users, and by regulating and directing traffic in a variety of settings, including roads, airports, shipping ports, construction sites, and others.

Directing traffic flow involves effective communication to ensure that vehicles are able to safely navigate through construction zones, accidents, and other potential hazards. Yambuk’s traffic controllers for hire are trained and have experience with using a variety of equipment and methods to keep cars, people, and bikers moving smoothly and safely.

Aboriginal Traffic Controller in Ballarat