Aboriginal heavy rigid drivers

throughout the Ballarat, Geelong, and Victorian regions

Yambuk can supply Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heavy rigid drivers who are fully licensed, highly qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable in handling heavy rigid (HR) vehicles in order to get jobs done quickly and safely. HR operators or drivers play a vital role in construction projects and in the transport and logistics of goods and materials. They are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of heavy vehicles and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic.

The roles and benefits of having an HR operator include:

  • Loading and unloading trucks, safely securing and restraining goods and materials, and transporting them to various locations.
  • Maneuvering large trucks and trailers into loading bays and warehouses, and positioning them correctly for efficient loading and unloading.
  • Performing routine prestart checks on vehicles and completing necessary logbook records.
  • Increased productivity – Qualified operators are able to operate vehicles more efficiently, which leads to getting more things done faster.
  • Reduced downtime – When vehicles are operated correctly, they are less likely to break down. This reduces the amount of downtime for the business.
  • Cost savings – Hiring an HR operator can save businesses money in the long run.
  • Safety – HR operators are trained on how to safely operate machinery. This ensures that workers and bystanders are kept safe.

Heavy rigid vehicles have a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tonnes and at least three axles. These are large vehicles that can increase efficiency and productivity but can also cause disruptions in traffic and pose a risk to the surroundings and people if not handled properly or driven by licensed and qualified operators.

With Yambuk you can trust our Indigenous heavy rigid drivers.

Aboriginal heavy rigid driver