Indigenous forklift drivers

in locations around Ballarat, Geelong, and regional Victoria

Yambuk Labour Solutions provides licensed Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander forklift drivers to a range of clients. Our Indigenous operators who are available for hire are qualified, knowledgeable, and competent in the safe operation of heavy-duty lifting equipment.

The importance of having licensed forklift drivers goes beyond compliance. There are several reasons why having licensing is essential to the safety of your workplace.

Forklifts are important in moving materials, heavy loads, and supplies around warehouses, factories, and other facilities increasing productivity and efficiency. While forklifts are essential pieces of equipment, they can also be dangerous to people and can cause damage to their load and the surroundings. That’s why it’s important to have licensed forklift drivers who are trained in how to operate them safely.

We can provide skilled people for this function.

Indigenous forklift driver in Geelong