Indigenous heavy combination drivers

in Ballarat, Geelong, and all around Victoria

Yambuk Labour Solutions’ Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander heavy combination (HC) drivers for hire, are highly skilled and experienced in the safe and effective operation of various heavy machines such as bulldozers, excavators, log loaders, graders, Moxys, and more.

HC drivers play an important role in the construction and mining industry. They are responsible for numerous tasks such as hauling and moving heavy loads and materials, excavating large areas of land, and grading. There are many benefits to having heavy combination operators on your team and for your projects. They can speed up the work, saving time and reducing costs, as well as improve safety on sites by minimising the need for manual labour.

While heavy combination machines are very powerful, they can be dangerous if not driven responsibly. Yambuk’s pool of heavy machine drivers are licensed, knowledgeable, and have undergone proper training to be effective, efficient, and safe to do any job.

Aboriginal heavy combination driver in Ballarat