Skilled Aboriginal operators

across areas in Geelong, Ballarat, and Victoria wide

Our pool of skilled Indigenous / Torres Strait Islander operators are highly skilled and trained — able to perform at the highest level, and operate complex and dangerous machinery safely.

Skilled plant operators play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of industrial and manufacturing projects. They are responsible for the operation of plant equipment and machinery.

Tasks and duties:

  • Prepare and position equipment
  • Select, fit, use and remove any attachments
  • Operate safely, efficiently and according to specification
  • Move the equipment to, from and around the worksite
  • Monitor the control panel to ensure the equipment is working correctly
  • Work from instructions, specifications and drawings
  • Service and perform minor maintenance on equipment
  • Refuel when required

Yambuk’s skilled Aboriginal plant operators for hire have a keen eye for detail and are able to work efficiently and safely. They play an important part in ensuring standards and deadlines are met and making significant contributions to the success of your company.

Indigenous skilled operator in Geelong