Embracing culture and partnership: A cherished gift from Fulton Hogan and Jarred Guy

At Yambuk Labour & Traffic Solutions, our dedication to fostering strong relationships has brought about a heartwarming connection with Fulton Hogan. Through this collaboration we were honored to receive a truly remarkable token of appreciation – a cricket bat adorned with an exquisite Aboriginal painting. This stunning piece of art, masterfully created by local Ballarat Aboriginal artist Jarred Guy carries not only the essence of indigenous culture but also the symbol of our alliance.

The cricket bat showcases an intricate Aboriginal design that resonates with the heritage and traditions of the land we call home. The fusion of Yambuk Labour & Traffic Solutions’ name with this artistic masterpiece reflects the harmony between our commitment to excellence and the values ingrained in the local culture.

The presentation ceremony, led by Simon Franc from Fulton Hogan was a moment of deep significance. Their thoughtful gesture has left us profoundly grateful and humbled. This unique cricket bat an embodiment of artistry and partnership will hold a place of pride within our boardroom at the head office in Ballarat.

The image below captures a special instance where Yambuk Labour & Traffic Solutions’ directors Ronnie Burns and John Mcnamara stand alongside Simon Franc from Fulton Hogan signifying not just a professional connection, but a shared journey toward success.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Simon Franc, Jarred Guy and the entire Fulton Hogan team for this remarkable gift.