Indigenous skilled labourers excel in construction job for Fulton Hogan in Ballarat

Yambuk Labour Hire have been working with Fulton Hogan for just over 12 months. Our team of Indigenous skilled laborers demonstrated their value in a recent construction job in Ballarat, impressing the client with exceptional workmanship and dedication to the project. See the client testimonial below.

“The business I manage has a lot of living away and is very seasonal, the way John and Ron have addressed my needs has been second to none. At short notice they move heaven and earth to get me not only workers but skilled workers that fit into my requirements. If it’s not a good fit they communicate well and make the change, they are more willing than anyone I’ve ever dealt with to up skill their people which is great for us and for the local employees.

“A willingness to sit in on company safety meetings and get to site to understand what we need is above and beyond.

“Any issues with people are dealt with quickly and the communication is at a high level.

“I am very happy with the service we received.”

Simon Franc,
Fulton Hogan spray seal manager in Ballarat

If you’re looking for skilled Indigenous labourer’s and staffing solutions in Ballarat call Yambuk Labour & Traffic Solutions to discuss your needs today.

skilled indigenous labourers for Fulton Hogan project