Indigenous labour hire workers helping out flood victims in Maribyrnong, Melbourne

Yambuk Labour Solutions workers demonstrated dedication and community spirit in their efforts to assist the Maribyrnong flood victims. Despite the tragedy of the flooding tireless work in the aftermath helped to put the community back on its feet. Their efforts serve as an example of the positive impact that hard work and togetherness can have in a community.

It was truly saddening to see the Camellia gardens in the Royal Botanic Gardens get flooded as a result of the Maribyrnong floods, the gardens were a beloved attraction for many visitors.

The floods serve as a reminder of the unpredictable and destructive power of nature and the importance of preparedness and resiliency. The presence of Yambuk Labour Solutions team proved to be a great relief for the victims of the Maribyrnong floods.

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Maribyrnong flood relief - Yambuk workers help out